About us


Neauura Shop has been created with the intention of offering perfect products for the looks of all epochs of the year. It consists of a collection of caps, bags, hats and other accessories that you can use to go to the beach, pool, take a walk or go take something.

We also have a collection of stainless steel jewelry both silver and gold that can complement your look in the best possible way being spring-summer trends 2021.

What makes us special is that, in the carrycots you can choose that initial that you want for you or to make a perfect gift. As for neoprene bags and leather bags we give you the possibility to customize your own, with the initials you prefer the color that you like the most, and these will be embroidered with thread or hot stamps. All personalized as you like to make your bag unique and different.


As of the palm, all our opening are made and the long or short measuring handles are added. Then, you are added the base of the initials in leather and the initial is reflected with a hot machine. As for the interior, the fabric is sewn all over the farm flange and the closure is a bag type. All the operations are different and unique because of the stem of the palm and can vary little the tonalities.

As for personalized neoprene bags, you can choose between three sizes and several colors, then we take care of embroidering your initials with thread so that they are perfect, thus taking care of the smallest detail.

As for the skin bags, all of them are made with a high quality skin, the stamping and personalization of the initials in this model, is carried out with thread embroidered or with heat stamping.

The jewels are stainless steel in silver and gold color, and are created considering the spring-summer trends 2021 that we like so much.

Soon we will add to our collection all autumn-winter trends, which will surely love.

Where do we place ourselves?

Our production line is located in Barcelona, ​​so we are not intermediaries, we created and sent directly to Spain by ensuring in this way a quick service in your order.